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2014-15 Faculty of Arts and Sciences, UNE Teaching Lecturer (casual) RELS387/587: Earliest Christianity-Text and Context. Involved marking and involvement in on-line discussion forums as well as podcasting of lectures for distance students.
2014 “Finding a lost sheep – human memory, oral tradition and the historical Jesus ” Journal article in Revista Jesus Histórico e sua Recepção. 13 (2014): 19-39. On line at (note that this link was not working when I checked it 4/4/15)
2013 “Eyewitness Testimony and the Characters in the Fourth Gospel” Book chapter in Christopher Skinner (ed) (2013) Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John. Library of New Testament Studies, Continuum.
2013 “Communities of practice for distance research students in Australia: Why do we need them and how might we create them?” Book chapter in Willems, J., Tynan, B. and James, R. (Eds.), (2013) Outlooks and Opportunities in Blended and Distance Learning, IGI Global, Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global).
2012-13 Faculty of Arts and Sciences, UNE Teaching Lecturer (casual) RELS387/587: Earliest Christianity-Text and Context. Involved marking and involvement in on-line discussion forums as well as podcasting of lectures for distance students.
2012 “Finding a Lost Sheep” Participant paper Fellowship for Biblical Studies Inaugural conference, Melbourne, Victoria
2012 “Providing hospitality, creating space for faith” Participant paper Mosaics in Motion Global Conference of Chaplains in Higher Education, Yale University, New Haven CT.
2010 Faculty of Arts and Sciences, UNE Research Investigation of how the teaching of physiology can be adapted to take account of the diversity of backgrounds and future paths of students
2010 School of Law, UNE Research Assisting a Professor of Law to locate material on the establishment of self-government in NSW and the Canadas
2010 School of Humanities, UNE Teaching and marking Lecturer (casual) RELS387/587: Earliest Christianity-Text and Context
2010 School of Health, UNE Research Benchmarking the Grad Dip Mental Health course against professional association competencies – for DHA grant project
2010 School of Rural Medicine, UNE Research e-Portfolios in higher education – research report for ALTC grant project
2010 “How Accurate are Eyewitnesses? Bauckham and the Eyewitnesses in the Light of Psychological Research” Article Journal of Biblical Literature, 129, 177-197.
2008 “Eyewitness testimony in psychological research – some consequences for Richard Bauckham’s work” Participant Paper Society of Biblical Literature International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand
2007 “If the Gospels were eyewitness accounts, what difference would it make to biblical scholarship?” Participant Paper Faculty of Arts and Sciences Postgraduate Conference
2007 Rice University, Houston, Texas Religious Studies Department Visiting Scholar, working with Prof April DeConick, Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies
2006 UNE RELS 306/406: Earliest Christianity: Social Context and Sacred Text Teaching Assistant – residential school: Methods of Textual Interpretation
2006 UNE Introductory Coptic Tutor
2006 “Commemorating Death on a Multi-cultural, Multi-faith Campus” Participant Paper Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Annual Conference
2005 “Evaluating online teaching – teachers as researchers” Participant Paper (with Dr Debra Panizzon) NH&MRC Ethics in Human Research Conference, Canberra, ACT
2005 “The Parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas – a comparison with the Synoptic versions” Participant Paper UNE Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference
2002,3,5 Introduction to Tertiary Chaplaincy Participant Workshop Tertiary Campus Ministry Association Annual Conference
1996 “Creating Community and Collegiality on a Virtual Campus” Participant Case Study “A Virtual University?” National Conference
University of Melbourne

Degrees and diplomas

1995 Masters in Theology Qualifying (Theol M Qual)
Thesis topic: “A Survey of Christian Feminist Writings as They Relate to Corporate Worship – an examiniation of Uniting in Worship in the light of contemporary feminist theological writings”
Melbourne College of Divinity
1987 Bachelor of Divinity (BD)
Major: Ethics and Pastoral Care
Melbourne College of Divinity
1980 Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics (Grad Dip Nut & Diet) Queensland Institute of Technology
1977 Bachelor of Science in Agricultre (B Sc Agr)
Research topic: “The Effect of Feeding Oat Bran and Brown Meal to Broiler Chickens”
University of Sydney

3 thoughts on “Academic

  1. Well, I have caught up with your JBL ‘eyewitness’ article (congratulations: I am not into psychology of memory). Have you caught up with ExpTimes June ’10?

  2. Thanks, John. I know waaaay more about psychology of memory now than I did when I started it. Your paper is sitting on my desk waiting for me to read this weekend, along with another paper by a colleague.

  3. Hi, I know I’m going to sound crazy…..primary progressive MS brain issues especially going off in tangents…sorry. Difficult writing much but….bottom line,I cared for my mom until she passed from early onset alzheimers. I told her I would not ask anything of her unless it was very important. The past few years have been rough back here in.CA and I asked 3 things of her and received them within 5 minutes. Not being one to read the bible or gospels I was compelled to this gospel during horrendous conditions. It has been very disturbing because my sentence by sentence translation can not be denied when compared to the coptic/english word by word translation. It reads as one would expecT Thomas to write as Jesus spoke. The only add ons during the speech were prophetic clues to the understanding person. Be glad to send you my work. Due to my health, I haven’t been able to go back and edit and change a few. I hope this along with all works be seen. I also have miraculous medical changes….even documented. My best to you. Mike

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