SBL International Preliminary Program

The SBL International preliminary program book is up.  I’m presenting on 9 July at 8.30 am – not my best time of day, but still…  Two other UNE people are also presenting – A/Prof Matthew Dillon, who was my second supervisor for a while; and Scott Charlesworth, another doctoral candidate in the School of the Humanities.  I knew Matthew was going, but only found out about Scott from looking at the program.  That’s what happens when you’re part time and have an office outside the school!  Majella (my adjunct supervisor because she is now at the University of Otago) is also presenting a paper and a number of people that I’ve known for years in various contexts will also be there, so I’m really beginning to look forward to it.

Now all I have to do is finish doing the psychology reading for my paper and start work on the biblical studies bit!! The psychology reading is absolutely fascinating, but I think I’m going to have to start a third lever arch file for it.