Hypertext Gospel of Thomas

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels Blog provides a link to Thomas Paterson Brown’s hypertext Gospel of Thomas on the Ecumenical Coptic project. This is an interlinear Coptic-English version of the Gospel of Thomas based on Guillamont, Puech, Quispel and Till’s version of the Coptic text, together with Michael Grondin’s interlinear. Underneath each Coptic word […]

Gospel of Thomas as “authentic Jesus tradition”

I recently received an email which asked me what I think the implications of assuming an early dating for Gospel of Thomas might be on our understanding of the canon, given that one would assume that an early manuscript would (likely) contain significant amounts of authentic Jesus tradition. I found this a very interesting question […]

Gathercole on dating Thomas

Victoria asked in the comments to my previous post what Gathercole’s reasons were for his dating and I thought it would be easier to do this as a new post than to put it in the comments section. He divides the chapter on dating into three sections: evidence for a terimnus ante quem – in which […]

Rodríguez on oral tradition and our understanding of the gospels

I am currently reading in Rafael Rodríguez’s Structuring early Christian memory (London: T & T Clark, 2009). I don’t intend to write a formal review because I really am trying to complete a chapter of my thesis and make a good start on the next in the next week and a half, and much of […]

Memory and the historical Jesus – part 4 (Thomas)

Context Apart from what I have already said here, here and here about the 2013 SBL Memory and the Historical Jesus session, I am also interested in what we might make of the Gospel of Thomas in the light of Rafael’s point about the importance of context although this is moving away from the historical […]