Is Gospel of Thomas a reaction to faith in Jesus’ miracles?

Recently I attended a workshop led by Emeritus Prof Bill Loader (as far as I know, he doesn’t actually blog, but here’s his website) on sexuality in the Bible. As part of the session on how we use the Bible, he said in passing that there is evidence in the New Testament that Jesus/the early […]

Gathercole: “The Gospel of Thomas”

Recently, I received my copy of Simon Gathercole’s The Gospel of Thomas: Introduction and Commentary (Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2014) – something  of a saga since the first copy I ordered got lost in transit and I had to request a refund and order it again! It’s over 700 pages long, the first 188 pages being […]

Bill Arnal on the Gospel of Thomas

Chris Skinner, over at Crux Sola, has recently posted the last of a series of three interviews with Bill (or more formally – but it seems that he rarely is – Dr William) Arnal from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Bill’s paper,  “The Rhetoric of Marginality: Apocalypticism, Gnosticism and Sayings Gospels” (Harvard Theological Review, […]

Recent commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas

When I first started studying Thomas in about 2004, I asked about commentaries and was told that the only English language full commentary available was Richard Valantasis’  The Gospel of Thomas (London and New York: Routledge, 1997) and that I was really better off getting a copy of  Jacques Ménard’s L’Évangile Selon Thomas (Leiden: E.J. […]

Simon Gathercole – The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas

My copy of Simon Gathercole’s The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas – Original Language and Influences (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2012) arrived last week and I started on it this weekend. It looks as though it is going to be a very good read! The book is divided into three parts: The original language […]

Getting back into Gospel of Thomas – commentaries

As I’ve moved from reading what I’ve already written to working on new material, it has occurred to me that over the last several years, several new commentaries on Thomas have become available. When I first began looking at Thomas, there were only four books that were commentaries on the text. Rodolphe Kasser (1961). L’Evangile […]

New Gospel of Thomas site

Last week, Mark Goodacre drew our attention to a Wayback Machine version of an on-line Gospel of Thomas bibliography which was maintained by Sytze van der Laan, a student of Tjitze Baarda, and which disappeared early this century.  I was just about to add the link to this page when Sytze himself posted to the […]