Is Coptic easier to learn than Latin?

This is one of the strings that got someone to this blog yesterday. I must admit that I only did a term of Latin at school and then tested my friend on her Latin in the train on the way to school for five years, so I am by no means as familiar with Latin as I am with Coptic. I think, though, that I can safely say that Coptic is harder to learn than Latin (assuming English is your first language). It has a different alphabet, more tenses and is more inflected than Latin. OTOH, once you have learned a second language, the next one is not as difficult. It probably also depends on your motivation. If you have a reason for learning a language other than “the curriculum says I must”, then it’s easier to stay motivated.

One thought on “Is Coptic easier to learn than Latin?

  1. Judy, I agree with you. I have only done a bit of Latin so I, like you, am more familiar with Coptic. If English is your native language, Coptic will likely be harder because it doesn’t share the same Indo-European features. Also, it seems to me that learning Coptic was made more difficult because there is not a wealth of great secondary resources available as with Greek, Hebrew, and Latin (although that seems to be changing).


    Chris Skinner

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