More on the Marcion Coptic resource

Milan Konvicka has posted information in the comments of my last post that I think merits putting in a post of its own.

He has produced two instructional videos to help people to use the Marcion program. You can find them at:

The first one demonstrates how to import and index the libraries that aren’t installed by default when you install the program. I now have the Sahidic New Testament, Codex Tchacos and the Nag Hammadi library installed and indexed. What is not immediately obvious from the video is that in order to get the drop-down menu that allows you to index the libraries, you need to right click on the name of the library you want to index.

The second one shows how to update the Coptic database, which he is still developing. You need to download and us  the file crumX-Y.tar.bz2 from the website (where X-Y gives you the date that the file was put up – you obviously select the newest file).

You can look also at Mani, a subproject of Marcion, for users who are interested only for coptic dictionary.

Two Notes

  1. You should not attempt to do anything else while the files are installing and indexing. If you do, the process will hang, but the program will think that it is finished so you will have an incompletely indexed library.
  2. If you do hang the process, sometimes it is possible to delete the library and start again. Other times it isn’t and you have to reinstall the program and start your installation and indexing again.

The Nag Hammadi Library in particular takes several minutes to index (it is a big library, after all). I would suggest starting it and then going off to make yourself a nice warm drink so you are not tempted to just read an email or follow a link, or even update your blog. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More on the Marcion Coptic resource

  1. more tips:

    in any opened text you can use popup menu for easier searching in dictionaries

    at treeview of coptic dictionary you can raise popup menu and use function resolve, for creating all possible morphs of word

    look at this new video

    concerning long processess in marcion, there is really a little unlucky solution, i wirr repair it in next release, so user can work wirh program during processing data. if you find any next errors, bugs, or if you have any wishes and ideas concerning functionality, inform me please.

  2. Thanks, again, Milan. I will have a look at the Wiki when I have finished writing the lecture I am working on and see if I can work with you on making the help file more accessible to the non-technically-inclined user. 🙂

    • thanks for help, i appreciate it much. and dont disturb yourself from your usual work, my project planning counts work 4-6 months to next release, and many things will differ from current state.

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