Being published

In the course of going through my blogsite, I discovered that I never got around to publishing this post which I last edited on 15 June last year.  It’s a bit dated, but still, why not add to the flurry of postings in the last day or two? 🙂

After I presented my paper on eyewitness testimony in psychological research and its relevance to studying the gospels at SBL Auckland in July 2008, I began the task of writing it up as a journal article.  This was very time-consuming.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that I decided that I wanted a manuscript without footnotes to work from when I spoke, so I stripped the footnotes from it and then did some significant revisioning in my hotel room.  The paper I presented was significantly better as a result of these revisions and easier to read without the footnotes, but the task of re-connecting the references to the new text was tedious.

Note to self: In future, just change footnotes to endnotes and leave notes pages in hotel room!!!

I just about had it ready to send off when the end of year editions of JSNT and JSHJ came out.  They both had critiques of Richard Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, with responses from Bauckham, so I had to get hold of them and make sure that my paper hadn’t already been written by someone else. Fortunately, it hadn’t, but I then had to respond to the articles, which meant I had to do some significant re-jigging.  Again, it was a better paper as a result, but still…

Finally sent it off at the end of January and received a letter saying it could take up to 6 months to review, but in May I got an acceptance letter and a very encouraging reviewers’ report, with no suggested changes.  I just had to cut 182 words to get it in under the word limit and check that it really did adhere to the style required.  After a minor panic and a frantic hunt because I’d neglected to put the page number on a reference, I finally posted the two hard copies and one soft copy off to the editor in June. I am hoping that it won’t matter too much that I forgot to adjust the top and bottom margins, so they’re only 1″, not 1-1/4″.

I am now waiting for the proofs with the editor’s assurance that in 9-12 months from the time that it arrived in his office, my “How Accurate are Eyewitnesses? Bauckham and the Eyewitnesses in the Light of Psychological Research” will appear in the Journal of Biblical Literature. The university should be pleased as it will count towards their research output and JBL is an A* (ie maximum research quantum points) journal.

Since I still haven’t received the proofs six months down the track, I am assuming that it is going to be closer to twelve months than nine. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print and I hope other people will agree with the reviewer that it is “intriguing” and “a very valuable contribution to the field”.

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