Help with a bible reference

I am having difficulty tracking down a half-remembered reference and am wondering if one of the people who reads this blog can help, please?

I am of the opinion that somewhere in the New Testament there is a statement to the general effect that God’s people will no longer have to bind God’s words on their foreheads and their arms as they were commanded to do in Deuteronomy because they will live in their hearts because of Jesus.  This is a wild paraphrase, but if anyone can help me to locate the relevant passage, I would be very grateful. I am not sure if it is Jesus saying this about himself or someone like Paul saying it about him.

4 thoughts on “Help with a bible reference

  1. It sounds almost like the Jeremiah passage on the “new covenant” which involves the Law being written on the heart, which then gets picked up in the New Testament. And then in Matthew 23 it mentions phylacteries. But I don’t think there’s a verse that says exactly the gist of what you’ve written here. If you find it, let me know! Could it perhaps be from a church father rather than the New Testament?

  2. I was thinking the same as the comments above, that it was a reference to Jer 31:31-34 as interpreted by Hebrews 8, 10. But perhaps you are thinking of Romans 2:13-15 where Paul argues that only the doers of the law will be justified and that Gentiles have the Law written on their hearts or 2 Cor 3:3 about how the church of Corinth is Paul’s letter from Christ, written not on ink but with the spirit of God and not on tablets of stone but on human hearts.

  3. Many thanks. Mike is right – I was thinking of Jer 31 as interpreted by Hebrews 8, which in turn has been re-interpreted in my mind courtesy of a range of preachers during my years as a pew-sitter. I was hoping that it might connect with some work I’m doing on Gos Thom 8, but it won’t. 😦 Ah, well.

    Of course, it might be that one of the Church Fathers was initially responsible for the re-interpretation in my mind. Now that I have the right references, I can do a search – or at least check a commentary or two.

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