No, not nailed to the perch

I was reading through Doug Chaplin’s 48th Biblical Studies Carnival, (which is huge) when I came across the suggestion that my blog is currently nailed to the perch. I followed the link and discovered that I haven’t posted anything since late September! I had not realised that it had been that long, but there is a very good reason for this.  The funding for my current position (the one that keeps food on the table while I indulge my fascination for Coptic text) comes to an end on 31 December so I have been applying for new jobs and sorting my office into things that belong to me, things that should stay in the office (assuming that if the promised fractional time funding actually materialises and they find someone to do anything part time, they might need some resources) and things that should have been thrown away years ago.

I had forgotten how much energy packing takes and when you combine it with writing job applications, there isn’t much energy left for blogging.

My ministry library is currently sitting in 9 book cartons in the office and my doctoral material is now mainly in a new, shared office in the School of Humanities postgrad “waifs and strays” room where I am being a full time postgrad for 3 months (taking annual and long service leave). The room is inhabited by several honours students, a masters’ research student, a full time PhD student who is waiting for a space to free up in one of the full time doctoral offices, an adjunct philosopher who already has his PhD, me (a part time PhD student who doesn’t actually have to be provided with desk space) and several other people who don’t seem to use their desks.

The room is divided into several bays with 2-3 desks in each.  Everyone is pretty quiet and the room is airconditioned because it used to be a computer lab. This is nice because we are in the grip of an extended spell of hot weather. No other member of the School has air conditioning – not even the Head.

I spent a week getting my head back around my research and acquiring necessary equipment.  This included a rubbish bin and a paper recycling bin, which the other occupants didn’t realise they could ask for, even though they are standard equipment in all offices on campus. I then spent a week at a national university chaplains’ conference in Melbourne, during which time I also talked to several people about potential ministry placements.

Today, I re-read chapter 3 of the thesis/dissertation and decided that it needs a significant rework and discovered that I don’t appear to have a version that still has the Endnote tags for the references.  Yay!! On the plus side, this is the chapter my supervisor/advisor and I had planned to submit for publication some time ago and I am so pleased that we didn’t, because I no longer agree with what it says.

So, Doug, thanks for the nudge.  Although I need to concentrate on getting some writing done so that I can claw back the lack of progress over what has been a truly unpleasant year, I do plan to blog somewhat more frequently over the next two months or so.

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