Bible and Critical Theory Seminar 1

Just back from the 2009  Bible and Critical Theory Seminar in Newcastle, NSW (10 and 11 July) organised by Roland Boer of  Stalin’s Moustache. My enjoyment of this delightful event was somewhat marred by my neck going out of alignment, so I was in significant pain and/or doped for a significant portion of the proceedings.  I was unable to post during the seminar because I didn’t have internet access and I think I will wait until after I’ve had my neck fixed to talk about the content of the papers but here are the obligatory photos of my room.  Note that it’s the spare room at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s home, hence the non-motel-room touches.

My room view 2

My room view 2

My room - view 1

My room - view 1

Some info about the proceedings, though:

We met at the Grand Hotel, across the road from the Newcastle Law Courts. Despite being a small group, we had international participation – Melissa Pula from University of Denver, Colorado being the person who had travelled the greatest distance to attend.

This was my first B&CTS and I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in a fairly informal gathering which nevertheless offered high quality papers with plenty of opportunity for interaction and discussion.  It was also great to  meet several people I’d only known via blog before:  Simon Holloway from Davar Akher and Michael Carden of Jottings as well as Roland.  I was disappointed that Marion Maddox had to withdraw at more or less the last minute, but the rest of the company made up for her absence.

None of the papers had any direct relevance to my research, but it was very pleasant to be able to be in the company of people who do Bible at an academic level and to be introduced to new ideas and new approaches to familiar texts. My thanks to Roland for putting it all together and to the presenters for their work.  More anon.


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