Oh, oops!!

It has just been pointed out to me that my blogroll does not contain Michael Grondin’s website The Coptic Gospel of Thomas in Context. This site contains a number of very useful resources for the study of the Coptic text, including a Coptic-English interlinear version of the Gospel of Thomas and a transliteration scheme for Coptic.

Definitely worth a visit.


New Gospel of Thomas site

Last week, Mark Goodacre drew our attention to a Wayback Machine version of an on-line Gospel of Thomas bibliography which was maintained by Sytze van der Laan, a student of Tjitze Baarda, and which disappeared early this century.  I was just about to add the link to this page when Sytze himself posted to the Gospel of  Thomas email list that he is in the process of resurrecting the site. The new site contains an extensive bibliography of Gos Thom works, althought it doesn’t currently include any recent works. the bibliography is currently listed alphabetically by author’s family name, but he hopes to make it interactive.

The site also has the Greek text and translation of the Oxyrhynchus papyrus fragments and he plans to add the Coptic text and translation in the future.  Well worth visiting and bookmarking