Thomas and Origen email discussion

Mike Grondin, the owner of the Gospel of Thomas email list, has organised for Stephen Carlson to lead a discussion on the paper he is presenting at the New Orleans SBL annual meeting on Origen’s use of the Gospel of Thomas.  His abstract ends:

In short, this survey shows that, despite Origen’s recognition that the Gospel of Thomas did not rank with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and despite the presence of some content he must have found objectionable, Origen nonetheless thought that the Gospel of Thomas contained historically useful and homiletically edifying material.

Stephen has volunteered to post excerpts from his paper during the month of May and I’m certainly looking forward to the discussion. It’s a Yahoogroups list and you’ll find it here.  It seems that you can read the posts without joining, but in order to be part of the discussion you’ll need to join.  You’ll be asked to provide information about why you want to be a member, so mention the discussion (and say you read about it on this blog, if you like).  If your email address doesn’t make it obvious who you are, giving your name would also be good. The default setting is that posts are moderated to make sure that spammers (of either the commercial or religious kind) don’t post, so don’t be surprised if your first post or two is held for moderator approval.


One thought on “Thomas and Origen email discussion

  1. Hi, I came across your extremely well written blog while doing a search for rabbinical parables which, if you can find any (I’m not having alot of luck with that one), are parables written by rabbis back in the first century of Christianity. When you read them, many of the parables of Jesus make alot more sense. I have read the bible for years, and these have been tremendouly helpful in interpreting some things were previously hidden meanings. Does anyone know where there is an online source of rabbinical parables???

    Thanks for a great blog, G. Lomax

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