Looking forward to a good read

I am very pleased that today’s mail contained my copy of Mike Bird and James Crossley’s new book How Did Christianity Begin? The timing is good because I had run out of things to read in my regular exercise bike rides in the gym and was finding that The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants was failing to hold my interest for a second reading and my paperpback edition of the complete Chronicles of Narnia is just a bit big to balance on the bike. It is my current aim to write at least a short review once I’ve finished it, although sometimes time gets away on me. 🙂

Update: It occurred to me after I posted this that it might be possible to understand it as the suggestion that James and Mike’s new book is of about the same standard as Sisterhood.  In fact, I was just trying to demonstrate the depths to which I had sunk.  Ideal exercise bike reading for me is not so technical that I need to access reference books or concentrate intensely, but nevertheless stimulating and challenging.  I read 15 pages this afternoon and How Did Christianity Begin? is proving to be excellent bike reading!  I would also recommend Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet and the introductory sections of Bill Loader’s The New Testament with Imagination, although the actual commentary on the passages requires juggling book and biblical text and is beyond my on-bike capability.

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