Advance requests Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVIII

For some reason that I no longer remember, I agreed to host the Biblical Studies Carnival that highlights blog posts for the month of  January.  If you have a nomination, please let me know.  I will especially need help with Hebrew Bible and biblical archaelogy related posts.

Send the following information to the following email address: jredman2 AT If you’re not sure whether a post qualifies, send it anyway and I will decide whether to include it.

  • The title and permalink URL of the blog post you wish to nominate and the author’s name or pseudonym.
  • A short (two or three sentence) summary of the blog post.
  • The title and URL of the blog on which it appears (please note if it is a group blog).
  • Include “Biblical Studies Carnival” in the subject line of your email
  • Your own name and email address.

You can also do this and find out more information through the Biblical Studies Carnival website.  I am just attempting to be organised now in order to save my sanity at the end of the month.


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