More on-line Coptic resources

In the last few days I have found two more useful on-line Coptic resources.

The first is courtesy of April DeConick who was told about it by one of her grad students, Mike Heyes. It is the text of Horner’s Sahidic New Testament – a “critical” edition, difficult to access except in a few libraries. Unfortunately, the first two volumes of the seven volume set are not available, so no synoptic gospels, which is disappointing for me. Also unfortunately, it was published in 1910, so does not take into consideration some more recently discovered manuscripts. If you go back to the host page, there are also a number of other Coptic resources, both for  Sahidic and Bohairic.

The second is Penn State University’s Coptic Computing page which contains links to Coptic Unicode fonts and keyboards as well as advice about how to code Coptic for the web, what browsers to use and information about using Unicode fonts.  Extremely useful if you want to type more than a few Coptic characters into your work.

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