Gematria rating for this blog

Yes, everyone wants to know what the gematria rating for their blog/website or an important piece of text is and now you can find out. Just visit the Gematriculator, put in your URL or paste the piece of text and whammo!!

This site is certified 66% GOOD by the Gematriculator

I am happy to say that my chaplaincy website is not only rated 81% good, but also has a significantly higher rating than either of my colleagues’ sites. Obviously this site is rated so low because I am studying an heretical text. 😦

Now you can have hours of fun checking the gematria rating of blogs belonging to friends, colleagues, even enemies, not to mention being able to decide quickly and easily if the Spirit of God is present in your next conference paper or journal article.

My thanks to Wade Greiner on his Evolution of the Mystery blog, but I’m not sure how I missed it on Jim West’s blog – and he found it on NT Wrong’s blog.


I now have proof that Gematria is evil.  Adding this post has resulted in:
This site is certified 58% GOOD by the Gematriculator

4 thoughts on “Gematria rating for this blog

  1. My husband’s site? Wade is married to April DeConick, not to me. He’s a very nice person, but not my husband. 🙂 Bruce, my husband, thinks the only reasonable use for the internet is talking to other people about fishing or environmental science.

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