Six unspectacular things about me

Iyov has nominated me for the six unspectacular things about me meme.

I am always very diffident about naming other people for memes, so I will do what I generally do – list the things and say that if anyone reading this wants to participate, consider yourself tagged.   I will even edit this post to link to you if you wish – just let me know.

So, six things:

  1. I am the mother of two children who are both old enough to vote (ie they have both turned 18)! I find this difficult to believe.
  2. I am very bad at relaxation techniques that require me to visualise unreality (eg  “Picture yourself on a beach…” gets my mind insisting that, no, I am lying on the floor in the gym…)
  3. I luuuuurve dark chocolate
  4. I have been married to Bruce for 25 years and four days – but perhaps having been married 25 years is fairly spectacular??
  5. I like Facebook applications that allow me to contribute to people in developing countries/the environment and ones that grow things – one of my favourites is therefore H2Opia – I also like sending Karma, Lil Greenpatch and the Hatchery.  And yes, I will be your Facebook friend for Karma, H2Opia and Greenpatch.
  6. Ich kann ein wenig Deutsch und ich spreche es mit meine Tochter, manchmal beim Frühstück.  Bruce hat das nicht so gern.

Meme Terms and Conditions

  1. Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the rules on your blog.
  3. List six unspectacular things about you.
  4. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.

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