More on McIver and Oral Transmission

As I indicated in a previous post Robert McIver and Marie Carroll have also had an article on their research printed in JBL. The reference to that one is McIver, Robert K. and Marie Carroll. “Experiments to Develop Criteria for Determining the Existence of Written Sources, and Their Potential Implications for the Synoptic Problem.” Journal of Biblical Literature 121, no. 4 (2002): 667-687, so it’s earlier than the Cognitive Psychology one. It deals more specifically with the biblical material, as you would expect of an article in JBL.

John Poirier has commented on my previous post and has indicated that he has also published a response to McIver and Carroll’s JBL article. The reference for that article is Poirier, John C. “Memory, Written Sources, and the Synoptic Problem: A Response to Robert K. McIver and Marie Carroll.” Journal of Biblical Literature 123, no. 2 (2004): 315-322.

James (not Alistair, as I initially typed) McGrath has also posted on oral transmission and invited conversation over on his Exploring our Matrix blog. I’ve arrived back at work today to a pile of more or less urgent paperwork, so won’t be doing anything about this for a day or three, but it’s definitely interesting.


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