Tech tip update on Zotero (free referencing software)

Tim Bukeley on SansBlogue continues to update his information on Zotero. In the last few days, he has put up a post which contains a video on how to include multiple references in one citation (often useful) and also another quick demonstration on how Zotero works. One day, when I get a bit of spare time, I’m going to see if the Zotero SBL style works better than the Endnote one. If it does, I’ll be using Zotero.


4 thoughts on “Tech tip update on Zotero (free referencing software)

  1. Not yet, there is a significant glitch, but it will work (I am told) in the next version of Zotero, and then we’ll see if it is yet “better”.

    The reason I prefer Zotero is that it does not take over my computer and slow it down – things I hated about EndNote. But it does the things I loved about EndNote, it grabs bibliographic data from catalogues and the like and drops them in my writings in ways that keep the Citation Nazis happier 😉

  2. The two things in favour of Endnote from my perspective are:

    1. I can play around with formatting styles and get one that works reasonably well for any of the eccentricities that the various religion/theology journals that have been publishing since the beginning of time perpetrate on potential authors

    2. My university pays for Endnote and supports it so when I get stuck I can go and talk to one of the librarians, who will be able to help me

    I have a nice, fast computer that was set up to run Vista (because that’s how Dell was selling them) but on which I only run XP because there is no Coptic keyboard available for Vista. I have 3 GB of RAM, which means that Endnote doesn’t seem to bother it. The JBL/SBL style needed significant editing and still doesn’t work smoothly, though.

  3. I like Zotero it’s a very cool referencing and source program. It’s great to have right in the web page, and I use it to help me keep track of things in my business. I also use it with
    NoteScribe to keep track of my notes, and between the two, I stay pretty organized. If you’re a graduate student, both tools are great!


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