Hypertext Gospel of Thomas

April DeConick on The Forbidden Gospels Blog provides a link to Thomas Paterson Brown’s hypertext Gospel of Thomas on the Ecumenical Coptic project. This is an interlinear Coptic-English version of the Gospel of Thomas based on Guillamont, Puech, Quispel and Till’s version of the Coptic text, together with Michael Grondin’s interlinear. Underneath each Coptic word there are also links to relevant sections in Plumley’s Coptic Grammar and Crumm’s Coptic Dictionary. It provides, therefore, some helpful tools for understanding the Coptic text and the thinking behind the translation. Not, of course, a substitute for learning Coptic if you’re wanting to make a scholarly analysis of the text, but helpful. 🙂  The Metalogos site has some really cool tools for study of the three Nag Hammadi gospel.

At the moment, however, it displays somewhat strangely in Firefox, which I use as my default browser. There are strange artifacts in some of the text on some pages – rectangular boxes that serve no useful purpose. It displays just fine in Internet Explorer 7. I’ve emailed Paterson Brown about this.


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