Belated anniversary post

This blog turned one on 14 January, which was two days ago here in Australia, but perhaps only one day ago in other parts of the world. I meant to post something on the day, but was otherwise occupied (producing a powerpoint on Australian culture for new international students which I had promised to have ready for a meeting on the morning of 15th, actually).

It has proved far more popular that my work blog which mainly seems to be found by spammers. It has also been more interesting to write, despite it’s rather unimaginative title. Perhaps that’s the thing that makes it more appealing to visitors – it has contained my opinions and work, whereas the chaplaincy blog has mainly been a collection of articles of interest written by others, and notices of forthcoming events.

I have found my first year in the blogosphere an interesting and enlightening one, as well as being entertaining. I remain constantly grateful to Monash University Gippsland for giving me my first computer and telling me that if I could make it do something, it was probably all right to do it and to Matthew Spinks, the computer science doctoral student at Monash who assured me that what every chaplain really needed was a website and he’d teach me how to hand code it. The internet has made a potentially quite isolated year of doctoral studies significantly more collegial.

So, my task for the next little while is to contemplate whether I want to celebrate by coming up with a new title or whether I should just leave well enough alone.


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