The Dalton McCaughey Library

…has a coffee shop. Not in the library, but right outside the entrance, selling a range of drinks and food at quite reasonable prices. Nice!!

It was very quiet, but it was also mid-semester non-teaching break. Bright, airy, books easy to find and a reasonable number of photocopiers. The library has been renamed with the move to its new location. When I was a student, it was just the Joint Theological Library (of the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania and the Society of Jesus) but when it moved the decision was taken to rename it after two very great men, Rev Dr Davis McCaughey and Rev Bill Dalton, SJ. Davis was Master of Ormond College, and Bill was Principal of the Jesuit Theological College, when the Joint Theological Library formed. Both of them taught me Biblical Studies and both were very distinctive teachers.

And on the subject of libraries in general and on-line databases in particular, I have decided that EBSCOhost is too smart for its own good. I have the ability to access EBSCOhost through a range of different library memberships, each of which allows me access to different databases. I used to be able to use all of them from my desk at the university, but now I can only get into the UNE subscription, which doesn’t include ATLA or any of the other religion databases. From my room at the conference, I can’t get into any because I don’t have a University of Melbourne student or staff logon – I’m just a guest with a guest account. Grrrr.


2 thoughts on “The Dalton McCaughey Library

  1. I wouldn’t mind a coffee shop inside the library, either, but most librarians I know are not that keen on getting food and drink on the collection. The librarians at Emory must be a very liberal and understanding lot! 🙂

    Mind you, the library at my own university has just announced that the forthcoming renovations will include the opportunity for coffee inside the library. I imagine this will not be anything more upmarket than instant coffee in polystyrene or BYO mugs, though.

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