Technology woes

Here I am in lovely Melbourne at a national university chaplains’ conference. Finally got internet access last night (evening two) after a series of problems. Yes, there is an internet connection in each room, but you need to bring your own coax cable, and they need to generate a guest account for the conference attenders. Oh, your conference attenders wanted actual internet access? You weren’t just asking about it from general interest?

This and a range of other interesting problems means that no-one will be recommending this college as a conference venue, but it does have the advantage of being on the same campus as the largest theological library in the southern hemisphere, reasonably recently relocated to a new building. This afternoon is excursion time and we can choose our own, so I’ve chosen the Dalton McCaughey Library. Unfortunately, there is no wireless network in the library (funding constraints, I assume) so I won’t be able to connect direct to the library catalogue while I’m in the library, but I’m hoping to be able to find some of the journal articles I’ve been looking for for a while. And to see the new library of my theological alma mater, the United Faculty of Theology.


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