Peter Kirby’s Gospel of Thomas commentary site is back

Thanks to Mark Goodacre for alerting me to the return of Peter Kirby’s online Gospel of Thomas commentary which has been unavailable for quite a few months and is now in a new place. Peter says about the site:

This site explores modern interpretations of the Gospel according to Thomas, an ancient text preserved in a Coptic translation at Nag Hammadi and Greek fragments at Oxyrhynchus. With no particular slant, this commentary gathers together quotations from various scholars in order to elucidate the meaning of the sayings, many of which are rightly described as “obscure.”

This massive effort at getting scholarly commentary together provides helpful insights into the sayings and Kirby also provides a bibliography with links to the site’s pages for most books. Two caveats –

  1. Amazon isn’t always the best place to buy books of this kind – I would always try Eisenbrauns and, for secondhand books Abebooks, and compare prices.
  2. It doesn’t (yet?) include DeConick’s commentary, The Original Gospel of Thomas in Translation (T&T Clark-Continuum, London/New York, 2006) which offers new translations and an extension of the parallels provided by Funk. This commentary will soon be available in paperback, also through Continuum.

Mark also has a page of Gospel of Thomas links and one of more general links about non-canonical Christian texts.

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