Update on blogging

I have been very quiet on this blog for the last several weeks because life on campus has been hectic and because I have been getting ready to fly to Houston on Saturday. I am going to spend five weeks at Rice University as a visiting student/scholar working with Prof April DeConick on my thesis. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to discuss my work with April, to getting access to the Fondren Library’s collection of Thomas and Early Christianity related books and journals and to the luxury of being able to study full time rather than fitting it in mainly on weekends and evenings. I’m also grateful to April, the Religious Studies Department at Rice and to Profs Peter Flood, Peter Forrest and Majella Franzmann at my own university for making this trip possible.

I plan to spend some time blogging about my research during my time away. I have also been amazed at the amount of time I’ve had to spend on administration just so that I can make this trip. Not having to do it should free up some more research and blogging time when I get back.


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